The Power Innovator Program Can Cut Energy Bills by 80% – Unproven!

The Power Innovator Program Can Cut Energy Bills by 80% – Unproven!

Summary of eRumor: 

The Power Innovator Program uses a forgotten invention by Nikola Tesla to cut energy bills by more than 80%.

The Truth:

The Power Innovator Program doesn’t provide specific information about how it can cut energy bills by 80%, so it’s not possible to prove whether the claim is true or false.

Advertisements and promotional videos for the Power Innovator Program have flooded the Internet. Promotional videos like this one discuss the supposed benefits of the Power Innovator Program without explaining what it does, or how it cuts energy costs. A transcript of the video reads:

“Once you have the Power Innovator Program installed in your home, you’ll immediately be able to save 80% on electricity by tomorrow. Some people even reported 90% without spending months and trying to build solar panels, wind turbines or spending thousands of dollars.

“You can take this little device with you. It’s so small that it fits in your bag, even your pocket. It doesn’t need to be recharged. It works everywhere, even if it rains on it. You’ll be able to power any kind of household appliances from lamps and toasters to AC units for pennies on the dollar, anytime anywhere.”

People who view advertisements and videos for the Power Innovator Program are directed to a website where they are asked to pay $49 for a booklet and CD that supposedly serves as an instruction manual to create a device that was invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1800s.

The website doesn’t provide specifics about the device, but it’s supposedly based on a patent on a coil for electro-magnets that was awarded to Nikola Tesla in 1894. Tesla explained the invention in his patent:

“In electric apparatus or systems in, which alternating currents are employed the self-induction of the coils or conductors may, and, in fact, in many cases does operate disadvantageously by giving rise to false currents which often reduce what is known as the commercial efficiency of the apparatus composing the system or operate detrimentally in other respects. The effects of self-induction, above referred to, are known to be neutralized by proportioning to a proper degree the capacity of the circuit with relation to the self-induction and frequency of the currents. This has been accomplished heretofore by the use of condensers constructed and applied as separate instruments.

“My present invention has for its object to avoid the employment of condensers, which are expensive, cumbersome and difficult to maintain in perfect condition, and to so construct the coils themselves as to accomplish the same ultimate object.”

Electrical condensers are used to store an electric charge. Nikola Tesla set out to eliminate the need for them when he invented the coil for electro-magnets. But the Power Innovator Program doesn’t explain how Tesla’s invention could be used to cut energy costs by more than 80%.

The Power Innovator Program’s disclaimer says that the product is offered, “As is, without warranty and the reader assumes all risks from using the information herein.”  That means purchasing the product is the only way to learn what it is, and there’s no money-back guarantee for it. has reached out to the company for comment and future updates will be posted here.