Top Scientist Hal Lewis Resigns Over Climate Change Corruption-Truth! & Disputed!

Top Scientist Hal Lewis Resigns Over Climate Change Corruption-Truth! & Disputed! 

Summary of eRumor:
Scientist Harold “Hal” Lewis resigned from the American Physical Society (APS), writing that the “global warming scam” was being driven by trillions of dollars and had “corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APB before it like a rogue wave.”
The Truth:
Hal Lewis resigned as a fellow with the American Physical Society in October 2010, citing the “global warming scam” and corruption among the nation’s leading scientists as his top reasons.
Ever since, Hal Lewis’ resignation letter has been held up by climate change skeptics who use it to argue that even one of the nation’s “top scientists” has called global warming a “scam.” Lewis’ resignation is often misrepresented or misidentified as a breaking news event that “just” happened. But, again, Rodgers wrote the letter to APS President Curt Callan Jr. in October 2010 — and APS has since disputed many of the claims Lewis makes in the letter.
Lewis begins the letter by saying that when he joined the APS 67 years ago “it was much small, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted” by a flood of money that President Dwight Eisenhower had warned about a half century earlier:

It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.

Hal Lewis added that APS has “accepted the corruption as the norm,” and has gone along with what he calls “the global warming scam.” Lewis also accused APS of backing climate change science because it was reliant of funding earmarked specifically for climate science.
APS disputed Hal Lewis’ claims. APS said in a statement said Lewis’ complaints centered on its 2007 Statement on Climate Change, and its efforts to form a topical group to explore the physics of climate change:

“On the matter of global climate change, APS notes that virtually all reputable scientists agree with the following observations: carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere due to human activity; carbon dioxide is an excellent infrared absorber, and therefore, its increasing presence in the atmosphere contributes to global warming; … On these matters, APS judges the science to be quite clear. .. In light of the significant settled aspects of the science, APS totally rejects Dr. Lewis’s claim that global warming is a ‘scam’ and a ‘pseudoscientific fraud’.”

And, in a response to Hal Lewis, APS President Curt Callan pushed back on claims that APS backed climate change science because it needed climate change funding as wrong because “the actual level of such funding was precisely zero.”
Complicating these arguments is was that Hal Lewis wrote two decades before his high profile resignation that “all models agreed” that climate change would not have “a minor effect, to be ignored while we go about our business” on the earth:

…The Details of the impending changes of climate are still beyond our grasp, though the broad outline is clear. 

Four major groups work on such calculation in the United States, and one can get some idea of the accuracy of the models by asking how well they can account for the present climate. The answer is that they do quite well for the global average temperature, within about one degree Celsius (nearly two degrees Fahrenheit), but not nearly as well in describing more local weather, often missing by five degrees Celsius or more. The larger scale the better the results. 

All models agree that the net effect will be a general and global warming of the earth; they only disagree about how much. None suggest that it will be a minor effect, to be ignored while we go about our business.

Hal Lewis and Curt Callan engaged in a public point-by-point argument over Lewis’ claims that global warming was a scam; you can read the entire thing here.

In the end, its true that Hal Lewis resigned from the APS in 2010, but his specific claims about climate change science are disputed.