U.N. Small Arms Resolution – Truth! & Unproven!

Obama Changes U.S. Stance on United Nations Small Arms Trade That Could Affect Second Amendment Rights –Truth! & Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded email that says that the Obama Administration is supporting talks at the United Nations on a treaty that would regulate arms sales.   The email includes an article from Reuters and warns that this would affect Second Amendment rights and eventually result in a ban of all firearms in the United States.

The Truth:
The report of The U.S. support for a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty from Reuters is true and was published October 14, 2009.

Different versions of this eRumor are circulating the internet and some have been found to have added comments edited into the body of the article to make it appear as if those comments were that of Reuters.    Click for original article.
The Institute for Legislative Action of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA-ILA) has been engaged at the United Nations for the past fourteen years in response to such initiatives involving the regulation of small arms. In a November 25, 2009 press release, the Institute said that this treaty has not yet been drafted, is still under discussion and in the early stages of negotiations.

Therefore, the allegations that this treaty would result in a ban of all firearms in the United States, a violation of U.S. Second Amendment rights, are unproven at this time.

The NRA-ILA release said that in most cases, a small group of nations along with a large number of Non-Governmental Organizations have had “agendas for the elimination of private ownership of firearms disguised as calls for international arms control to stem the flow of illicit military weapons.”  The Institute also said that this move by the Obama Administration, which is a U-turn from the stance of President George W. Bush, comes as no surprise.   Click for NRA-ILA release.

updated 04/15/10