Unemployed Mothers Will Be Sent to Jail Under New Law-Fiction!

Unemployed Mothers Will Be Sent to Jail Under New Law-Fiction! 

Summary of eRumor:
Congress will pass a law that will send all unemployed mothers to jail in August 2016.
The Truth:
Congress hasn’t passed a law that will send unemployed mothers to jail.
That rumor started with an “entertainment” website called FammTV. The website published a blog that said unemployed mothers would be sent to jail under the new law for child neglect:

Reportedly Congress will soon pass a law that all mothers without employment must have some source of  employment before August 2016. As it was reported after a recent Congress meeting, mothers are no longer allowed to sit at home and collect government assistance. Mother must show that there is some other way they can provide for their children besides assistance from the Government. If they can not provide some kind of employment information, mothers will be served and will have to explain to a judge why they feel the need to not work and collect free benefits. The U.S. board of welfare is willing to help mothers with sources that will hire them. Congress may have already agreed reportedly, that mothers who haven’t work for a span of 6 years or longer may served up to 15-30 days in a correctional facility, if a judge find that they haven’t made an valid effort to find employment.

A mother who does not look to be able to financially support their child/children display a form of neglect. Without having a medical reason to not be employed, Congress believe 6 years is a reasonable amount of time for anyone to be able to find a job. Even if a person decides to go to school for 4 years every individual will have an additional 2 years to find employment. This new law will also cater to those who chose to further there education. This new law is not designed to separate children from their homes, but it will let us take a look at what’s going on in certain individuals households and allow us to make an reasonable assessment to determined if that household is healthy for that child/children. The plan is more so to help individuals find employment rather than to evade on the privacy of U.S. citizens.

The website’s blog appears to be user-generated by a community of readers. The website’s contact page says members are encouraged to create content that is “real as can be,” but that’s much of a guarantee.
Congress hasn’t passed any bills that would send unemployed mothers to jail.