Warning of Valentine Virus-Truth!

Warning of Valentine Virus-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A warning that there is a worm virus that comes with a Valentine theme. 

The Truth:

This particular virus warning was apparently distributed within the Synovus Corporation, a financial services company.

It is warning of a real virus, however, that especially circulated widely around Valentine’s day in 2007.

Warnings of the virus began circulating afresh in 2008, but most of them appear to be alerts that were actually issued in 2007.

If you receive any emails with the subjects lines listed below—or any that appear similar—be sure to delete the email and do not click the attachment.  It activates a virus called the Storm Worm that sends itself to any of the email addresses found on your computer and tried to install a program on your computer that would allow it to be used as part of a network for sending spam to massive numbers of people.

If you have virus protection software and your virus definitions are up to date, you should be OK.

Some of the Valentine subject lines have included:

A Valentine Love Song
Be My Valentine
Fly Away Valentine
For My Valentine
Happy Valentine’s Day
My Lucky Valentine
My Valentine
My Valentine Heart
My Valentine Sunshine
Send Love On Valentines
The Valentine Love Bug
The Valentines Angel
Valentine’s Love
Valentine’s Night
Valentine Letter
Valentine Love Song
Valentine Sweetie
Valentines Day Dance
Valentines Day is here again
Your Love on Valentine’s

Some of the previous subject lines associated with it include:

Inside My Heart
Kisses Through E-mail
Last Night
Love Is…
Love Remains
Magic Power Of Love
Memories of You
Miracle of Love
My Love
Our Journey
Our Love is Free
Our Love is Strong
Our Love Nest
Our Love Will Last
Pages from My Heart
Path We Share
Sending You All My Love
Sending You My Love
Sent with Love
Special Romance
Surrounded by Love
The Dance of Love
The Miracle of Love
The Mood for Love
The Moon & Stars
The Time for Love
When I`m With You
When Love Comes Knocking
When You Fall in Love
Why I Love You
Words in my Heart
Wrapped in Your Arms
You`re in my Soul
You`re In My Thoughts
You`re my Dream
You`re the One
You… In My Dreams
Your Friend and Lover
Your Love Has Opened
A Dream is a Wish
A Is For Attitude
A Kiss So Gentle
A Precious Gift
A Rose
A Rose for My Love
A Toast My Love
A Token of My Love
Come Dance with Me
Come Relax with Me
Dream of You
Eternal Love
Eternity of Your Love
Falling In Love with You
For You….My Love
Happy I`ll Be Your Bride
Heavenly Love
Hugging My Pillow
I am Complete
I Dream of you
I Love Thee
I Love You Because
I Love You Soo Much
I Love You with All I Am
I Would Dream
If Loving You
In Your Arms


Flash Postcard.exe
With Love.exe
Love Postcard.exe
My Love.exe
Greeting Card.exe
Greeting Postcard.exe

Updated 2/4/08