Clinton may fly the Viet Nam flag higher than the U.S. Flag-Fiction!

  President Clinton is planning on letting the U.S. flag fly Underneath the U.S. Flag aboard a U.S. Navy Ship  visiting Vietnam-Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:

 According to this Internet article, president Clinton plans on visiting Vietnam in the closing days of his presidency.  When he does, he is going to break U.S. Navy tradition and break Naval code by allowing the U.S. flag fly below the Vietnamese flag on the navy ship that carries him into Vietnam.  Vietnamese regulations require the Vietnamese flag to always fly in a superior position to any other country’s flag. 

The Truth:

  The president’s visit has now taken place and no such incident with the flags occurred.  In fact, the president always travels to these types of events by air, not by sea, so it’s not clear how this allegation was ever made.   The email that is being circulated is a reprint of an article by Geoff Metcalf for  He quotes unnamed sources within the Navy who spoke to him only if they would remain anonymous. 
Last updated 1/4/01