Request from Whatsapp to Forward Messages to Friends-Fiction!

Request from Whatsapp to Forward Messages to Friends-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

This appears to be an authentic looking message from the founder of Whatsapp, David D. Suretech that requests active users to forward the message to every person on their contacts list.  The message warns inactive users of the loss of all contact information and charges of 36 cents per message.

The Truth: contacted Whatsapp and a spokesperson told us that this is a hoax. 

Whatsapp is a European based instant messaging service that was recently purchased by Facebook for $19 Billion. This according to a February 19, 2014 article by the Wall Street Journal. 

According to the company profile in Bloomberg Businessweek, the founder and CEO of the company is Jan Koum and  Brian Actorn is the co-founder.  Any other names in such an email would be a good indication that it is a hoax.

Whatsapp advised users who got this message to “please disregard the message and do not resend it.”   The spokesperson also told us that the company does not use WhatsApp to mass message their customers.  Whatsapp will not send messages advertising gifts nor ask anyone to forward a message to contacts.  WhatsApp works on a yearly service subscription, which includes all of our features, such as messages and multimedia.   WhatsApp offers a one-year free trial period and when it expires the annual subscription fee is ninety-nine cents.

Posted 02/24/14