Beautiful picture of the sun shining between the World Trade Center towers-Truth!

Picture of Sunrise Between the Twin Towers in July, 2001-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A beautiful photograph of the World Trade Center towers with the sun’s rays forming a cross between them.  Some versions say the picture was taken by a woman.  Others by a man.

The Truth:

The picture is real and so perfectly captured the sun between the Twin Towers, that many have wondered whether it is a composite that was put together by someone using photo software., however, has found the photographer and gotten the story behind the picture.

Her name is Sue Urban.  She and her family live in New Jersey.  They were returning to New York on a cruise from Bermuda when she decided to try to get some sunrise pictures of the Statue of Liberty with her digital camera.  As she was finishing and hurrying back to her cabin to prepare for arrival, she saw that there was going to be a good opportunity to get a picture of the rising sun between the twin towers as the ship sailed up the Hudson river.  She positioned herself to try to get the precise picture she wanted and when the sun came into view, she snapped it.  Her camera had a preview feature that allowed her to see the finished product and as soon as she saw it, she knew she had a treasure and became anxious to get home and safely download the picture to her computer.
Last updated 09/12/08