A Las Vegas Astrologer Warned In a Published Book that September 11 was a Likely Day for Terrorist Attack-Truth! & Sort Of!




Summary of eRumor:

An email circulating in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. says the date of the attack is among those chosen by astrologer Lynne Palmer as likely for such an event.


The Truth:

Lynne Palmer is a Las Vegas Astrologer who bills herself as “adviser to Hollywood stars and Wall Street Financiers.”   

In her self-published book “Lynne Palmer’s 2001 Almanac,” Palmer lists September 11-13 as among the dates to “avoid terrorist attacks.” 

TruthOrFiction.com spoke with Lynne Palmer who said that she also chose those dates as ones associated with fire and explosions.

Many of the emails we’ve received are from people who are under the impression that she pinpointed the days of the terrorist attack and “predicted” it.

TruthOrFiction.com has reviewed some of her book however, and it’s not as precise as that.

To be fair to Palmer, she has not claimed that she “predicted” the attack but only that September 11 was among the days in September that she considered best for “avoiding” terrorist attacks.

Palmer’s book is an exhaustive astrological guide that lists nearly 500 different categories of activity and thousands of dates that ought to be avoided.  It advises the best days for everything from cutting cloth to having surgery.

Under the category of “Avoid: Terrorist Attacks” she listed more than 130 dates in 2001.  

For September, she listed 16 dates for avoiding terrorist attacks..  Since there are only 30 days in the month, she had better than a 50 percent chance of a terrorist attack happening on one of those days.

Just out of curiosity, we looked up “Avoid Travel by Air.”  She listed 13 dates in September to be avoided.  September 11 was not one of them.

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

Forget Nostradamus! Look in Astrologer Lynne Palmer’s 2001 Almanac on page 95 for these words plain and simple. 

For September 11; Avoid terrorist attacks. These are the days when the attacks are most likely to occur:

September 11-13-2001.

There are more to come in November and December

Astrology is based on the signs of the heavens and the location of one heavenly body to another. It uses the basic rules of geometry to caclulate the patterns formed by the heavenly bodies; primarily the conjunctions and the squares (one or more sides of the square) and triangles. Right now Pluto is located in the sign of Sagittarius where Mars the planet which stirs up strife has been retrograding for the past 6 months and when Jupiter intered the opposing sign Gemini the terrorist went to work on the biggest job they have ever pulled off. Jupiter left Gemini and then Saturn entered Gemini opposing pluto. It is my opinion that if Jupiter had retrograded in Gemini Washington Dc would have been blown off of the map. The effect of Saturn is to shrink down the project or at least hinder the progress. We know of the 4 planes that were hijacked one mission was fouled. While Mars was in Sagittarius activatingthat Pluto so many people killed all of their kids or kindred These aspects need to be posted and people instructed to take hold of the reins of their heart Just hold on until the heat is off and save lives. But thanks to drugs and alcohal being the most in use even that might not help a lot.