Spiritually needy man who got a voice mail message from "Almighty God"-Fiction!

The Suicidal Man Who Got a Call From “Almighty God”Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
The pastor of a church called “Almighty God Tabernacle” calls his wife from the office one Saturday night, but is puzzled why he doesn’t get an answer because he knows she’s home.  Later, when he sees her and asks why she didn’t answer, she says the phone didn’t ring.  The following Monday, the pastor gets a call from a man who wants to know who had called him on Saturday night.  He tells the confused pastor that he had contemplated suicide that night and had prayed and asked God whether He was there and, if so, to give him a sign if God didn’t want him to commit suicide.  At that moment, the phone rang and the man’s caller-ID said, “Almighty God.”  According to the story, the man is now meeting regularly for counseling with the pastor.
The Truth:
We’ve not found any evidence that this story is true.  We’ve had it posted for several years and with no contact from anyone who can verify it.