Ant and contact lens-an inspirational rock-climbing story-Unproven!

The Rock Climber Who Lost a Contact Lens, Prayed, and it Was Found Being Carried by An Ant-Claimed to Be True!  

Summary of eRumor:

Brenda went on a rock-climbing expedition and her contact lens was knocked out while she was hanging on the rock face.  When she finished her climb, she thought about the bigness of God and prayed that her contact lens would be found.  A new group of climbers below yelled, “Anybody lose a contact lens?”  It was found being carried across the face of the rock by an ant.  It says it’s a true story by Josh and Karen Zarandona. 

The Truth:

The most commonly circulated version of this story says it is a true account from Joshua and Karen Zarandona.  We contacted them and Joshua said he received the story via email and simply passed it along.  He is not the originator of it.

A published version of the story is in the book Keep a Quiet Heart by inspirational author Elisabeth Elliot.  In a chapter she titled Lost and Found she said it came from Brenda Foltz of Princeton, Minnesota.  In the book Brenda tells her story first-hand but apart from that it’s fairly similar to the version in the forwarded email.

Last updated 05/28/07