Angolan Witch Spider- Fiction!

Angolan Witch Spider- Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A picture of an abnormally large spider on the side wall of a house has gone viral on the Internet. The spider is alleged to be an “Angolan witch spider” and the writer of the email claims that it took several gun shots to have killed the monster spider.
The Truth:
The picture is a fake using digital manipulation, according to artist Paul Santa Maria who photographed a common wolf spider that he found in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
There is no such arachnid species designated as an Angolan Witch Spider.
The artist told TruthOrFiction.Com that he took two photos.  One was the close up of the spider and the other, a photo of a side of a friend’s house.  He then superimposed the larger than life looking spider using Photoshop software against the wall of the house.  Santa Maria then posted the photo on his Facebook profile as well as his website
The photo only remained on the Internet for about 20 hours and after that Santa Maria removed it.  That was just enough time for some unknown person to take the image, dub it the “Angolan witch spider” and watch it go viral on the World Wide Web.

 Santa Maria sent us link to a YouTube video that he made explaining how he made the picture along with the original photo of the normal-sized wolf spider he found:


The original photo taken by Santa Maria

This is the result of Paul’s creative photoshop work

Posted: 10/19/13