Ann-Margret's tribute to American Vets-Truth!

Ann-Margret’s Spontaneous Tribute to Vietnam Vets at a Book SigningTruth!  

Summary of eRumor:  
A warm story about a Vietnam vet who wanted actress Ann-Margret to sign a snapshot he had taken of her when she once performed for troops in Vietnam. He and his wife went to a bookstore where Ann-Margret was autographing books, but an announcement was made that she would be signing books only, not other memorabilia. The vet decided to get in line anyway to at least show her the picture and tell her how much visits like hers meant to troops so far from home. When she saw the photo, tears came to her eyes and she called him one of her “gentlemen from Vietnam” and said she would sign the photo for him. She gave him a kiss and told the crowd how much she appreciated the veterans for what they had done. It was emotional for those in the crowd, but especially so for the vet who later told his wife it had been the first time anyone had thanked him for his service in the Army. Like other Vietnam vets, he returned to an America that had been tormented by the controversial conflict and did not offer the warmth, gratitude, and enthusiasm enjoyed by soldiers returning from other military actions.

The Truth:

This story is true.

We have confirmed it with both a spokesperson for Ann-Margret and a member of her family.  Her website receives hundreds of emails from veterans asking about the story as well as many emails from former soldiers who appreciated Ann-Margret’s trips to Vietnam or Korea to entertain troops.