BlockBuster coupon for free movie rentals-Fiction!

BlockBuster Coupon for Free Movies, Popcorn, and Coke-Once Truth! Now Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The eRumor includes what looks like an official coupon from BlockBuster for a promotion called BlockBuster Night. It offers two free movie rentals, a tub of popcorn, and 2 Cokes.

The Truth:

This began circulating on the Internet in the summer of 2007 and said that it would expire in December, 2007.

The BlockBuster offices told, however, that this coupon was valid at one time but only at specific locations and only for people who had been participating in an online affiliate program with BlockBuster.  The coupon was never issued on a mass basis and not intended to be duplicated and then used by just anyone.

That hasn’t stopped it from being circulated on the Internet in forwarded emails and shared among members of Internet sites.  

We even found instances of people on coupon-sharing sites offering these in trade for other coupons and others selling them on eBay.

If you receive this and were not one of the intended recipients who was in the affiliate program or if you make a copy of this coupon and try to use it at a BlockBuster store, it will not be accepted.

Updated 8/15/07