New NBC Show for January, 2006 titled The Book of Daniel-Truth! But Cancelled!

New NBC Show for January, 2006 titled The Book of DanielTruth! But Cancelled!

Summary of eRumor:

The eRumor is in the form of a warning that the new TV show for January, 2006, titled The Book of Daniel is not going to be acceptable to Christians so you are encouraged to write to NBC to protest it.  The email says the show features a “drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis.”  It also says that the rest of the family is dysfunctional, that the priest has talks with Jesus, and that the writer of the show is homosexual.

The Truth:

Update 1/24/06The program The Book of Daniel  was cancelled by NBC after four episodes.
The American Family Association rejoiced over the cancellation saying that the protest both to NBC and to potential advertisers had paid off.  NBC said the program was cancelled because of poor ratings.  An article in Adweek on January 10 said that the two-hour premier of the program aired with less than half the normal advertisements.  The rest of what would have normally been ads was filled with promotional spots from or for the network.  The article quotes an NBC representative as saying that the network expected fewer ads because of the controversy over the program.  He said that advertisers tend to take a wait-and-see attitude under such circumstances then hop on board if the ratings are good.  

The show was real and the descriptions of the new program and it’s characters were consistent with what NBC had released about the show.  The script for the pilot was written by Jack Kenny who told AP television writer Frazier Moore that he is “a gay man raised in the Catholic church.”

The eRumor was a forward of an alert from Don Wildman and the American Family Association who objected to what they had learned of the show.

In an article by Frazier Moore, published by AP on 12/27/05, the star of The Book of Daniel, Aiden Quinn, said he didn’t think the show would be that controversial and was merely trying to deal with real issues that are facing people and their families.

Last updated 12/29/05