Cards Against Humanity Has a Secret Card-Truth!

There’s a Secret Card Hidden in the Lid of Cards Against Humanity-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
There’s a secret playing card hidden in the lid of the “Bigger, Blacker Box” edition of the game Cards Against Humanity.
The Truth:
The Cards Against Humanity secret card rumor is true.
The secret card is hidden in the lid of the “Bigger, Blacker Box” edition of Cards Against Humanity. A razor blade is needed to cut away a paper lining on the inside lid of the box to reveal the card:
Silver letters are embossed onto the secret card, which sets it apart from regular cards that are simply printed with black ink.
Rumors have persisted about a secret card hidden inside the “Bigger, Blacker Box” edition of Cards Against Humanity since it was released in 2013. The creators of the game even subtly acknowledged the secret card in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” that year while encouraging people commenting in the AMA to hush up about it.
Cards Against Humanity is an adult version of the party game Apples to Apples. Players use words and phrases printed on cards to fill in adlibs. Then, a judge blindly picks the best card and whoever played it wins the round.