Click on a website to donate cans of Campbell's soup to the hungry-Truth!

Click on a website to Donate Cans of Campbell’s Soup to the HungryTruth! but Now Over!

Summary of eRumor:
This email says that in New York and Washington D.C., there is going to be a lot of pressure on food banks because of the terrorist attacks.  If you go to a Cambell’s Soup site, you can click an icon representing your favorite football team and cans of soup will be donated to food banks in the teams’ cities.

The Truth:

This is an authentic fund-raising project, but check on the site to see whether it is current.  The first project reached the goal of 5 million cans and was brought to an end.  Then a new project was launched.  

The website is at

Some versions of the eRumor said that this project was specifically for the victims of the terrorist attacks, but that was not quite accurate.

The site is called “Click for Cans,” and up to 5 million cans of Campbell’s “chunky” soups were donated to food banks in the cities of various NFL football teams. 

5,500,000 cans of Campbell’s® soups were donated!