Suspicious purchases of candy at Costco stores in New Jersey after 9/11-Truth!

Suspicious Purchases of Candy at Costco Stores in New JerseyTruth!

Summary of eRumor:
There are various reports, but they all center on large purchases of candy at multiple Costco stores in New Jersey.  The person who buys the candy is allegedly of Middle-Eastern descent and is reported to Costco authorities by a suspicious cashier.
The Truth:
The FBI is investigating the story and, as a result, has placed a man in custody, but not because of any problems associated with the candy.  Sandra Carroll, a spokesperson for the FBI’s Newark office says the man is being held on immigration law violations and that so far, there does not appear to be anything to be alarmed about regarding the candy.  She says the candy has been found and that the FBI does not have any evidence that the man is a terrorist or bought the candy for any other than legitimate purposes.  It has not been revealed what the nationality of the man is.The story came to light when the man allegedly made cash purchases of candy from Costco stores in Hackensack and Wayne.  They totaled $15,000.
The concern, of course, is the safety of Halloween candy.
Costco officials said large candy purchases are not unusual and the authorities caution that there is no reason to believe that these purchases had anything to do with harming children.