CNN faked a video of Palestinians rejoicing over the 9/11 attacks-Fiction!

CNN Used Old Footage From the Gulf War and Made It Appear as Though Palestinians Were Rejoicing Over the Terrorist Attacks On the U.S.Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

An email from a Brazilian student has been circulating on the Internet at lightening speed.  It alleges that CNN used Gulf War footage from 1991, saying that it was actually showing Palestinians rejoicing in the streets over the terrorists attacks on the United States in September, 2001.   

The Truth:

It is not true.  CNN has officially denied the claim.  Also, the person who originated the email has now said that his information was wrong and he no longer believes the story.

It is true that there were Palestinians dancing in the streets and celebrating the terrorist attacks.  A spokesperson for CNN told that the footage they used was authentic and was taken shortly after the terrorist attacks.  

It is regarded as unethical among reputable news organizations to use film or video from one event and represent it as being from another event.  When footage is used from a time or place other than what is being reported, it is customary to indicate that for the viewer.  If it had been proven that CNN used 10-year-old pictures as though they were current, it would have been a major embarrassment.

The eRumor got its start from a university student in Brazil.  He said that a teacher of his had videotapes from 1991 that proved that CNN had mislead its viewers and had complained to CNN and other news organizations about it.  The student was deluged with requests about the teacher’s claims so he contacted her outside of class about it and he says she denied having any videotapes.  She is quoted as having said only that she remembers seeing the footage in 1991, even though she told the class differently.