“Dumped on Prom Night” Hillary Clinton on Election Night-Fiction!

“Dumped on Prom Night” Hillary Clinton on Election Night-Fiction! 

Summary of eRumor:
A “Dumped on Prom Night” story about Hillary Clinton’s election night letdown claims that Clinton went on a rampage, destroying everything in sight.
The Truth:
A fake news website is behind “Dumped on Prom Night” reports about Hillary Clinton on election night.
The story first appeared at The People’s Cube, described as a “political humor and satire collective” with a socialist bent, on November 12th.
The story, published under the headline “Dumped on Prom Night,” starts out by describing the extravagant celebration Clinton had planned:

Hillary Clinton Called Democratic V...
Hillary Clinton Called Democratic Voters Stupid-Fiction!

Hillary Clinton’s night on the 9th of November went from a celebration to an absolute meltdown once the election unexpectedly turned on her leaving Trump as the victor. Some of the remnants of Hillary Clinton’s rampage in her private quarters was discovered by the custodial staff the day after the election.
Hillary Clinton’s post election celebration included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, live performances by various celebrities such as Cher, who came believing that Hillary was going to win, a five hundred thousand dollar special effect glass ceiling that she would break through in a dramatic display once she won the election, among millions of dollars worth of celebratory preparations all paid for by the Clinton Foundation.

The story then goes on to report on “notable damage” in a VIP room that Clinton had been using. The idea of Clinton breaking down in a fit of uncontrollable and destructive rage isn’t a new one. We even investigated a social media rumor that Clinton had a drunken meltdown on election night (it was unproven) and another rumor that she melted down after her Presidential Town Hall appearance with Matt Lauer (also unproven).
Given that the latest version came from a notable fake news website, we’re calling it fiction.