Unpatriotic Activities at Dunkin DonutsFiction!



Summary of eRumor:
A boycott of Dunkin Donuts stores is advocated in an email that describes outrageous conduct at some of them.  According to the eRumor, the owner of a store was seen burning a U.S. Flag, at another store, the U.S. flag was found on the floor wit Arabic writing on it, and in yet another store, the employees, who were of “Arabic background,” were cheering the terrorist attacks.

The Truth:

No evidence has been found to support this eRumor. No first-hand witnesses have been found.

 A statement from the Dunkin Donuts company says it has investigated the rumors including viewing security videotapes from the stores.  

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

Attention all Americans: Boycott Dunkin Donuts!! 

In Cedar Grove, NJ, a customer saw the owner of a Dunkin Donuts store burn the U.S. flag. 

In another Dunkin Donuts store in Little Falls, a customer saw a U.S. flag on the floor with Arabic writing all over it. 

In Wayne, NJ the employees of Arabic background were cheering behind the counter when they heard about the attacks. 

A customer threw his coffee at them and phoned the police. 

We are starting a nationwide boycott of all Dunkin Donuts. 

Please make sure this gets passed on to all fellow Americans during this time of tragedy. 

We Americans need to stick together and make these horrible people understand what country they are living in and how good they used to have it when we supported them. 

Numerous fast-food companies are at Ground Zero, giving away free food to volunteers. 

Where is Dunkin Donuts in all of this? 

Boycott Dunkin Donuts!!!!!! 

Pass it on.