The Hunters who end up dynamiting a brand new SUV and their dog on a frozen lake-Fiction!

The Hunters Who End up Dynamiting A Brand New SUV and Their Dog on a Frozen LakeFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
It’s a tragic tale with a twist.  Two hunters use a stick of dynamite to make a hole big enough in a frozen lake to set themselves up for duck hunting.  When they light the stick of dynamite, their faithful retriever fetches it.  They try to shoot the dog, but he runs for cover…which turns out to be underneath one of the hunters’ shiny new Lincoln Navigator (there are versions saying it was a different SUV such as a Jeep Cherokee).   The dynamite blows, the dog goes, the ice opens, and the SUV drops to the bottom of the lake.  The insurance doesn’t cover it, so the hunter is left with his payments and no SUV.
The Truth:
It’s an entertaining story, but it is an urban legend.  There are several versions of it that change the make and model of the SUV from version to version.
This is a common scenario for some urban legends.  There is a similar story about a fisherman who decided to use a stick of dynamite to stun a pool of fish and his dog jumps in grabs the dynamite and returns to his master’s side.  There are also stories of hunted animals turning the tables on the hunters when they tried to use dynamite on their prey.
Besides, don’t ducks fly south for the Winter?