Founder of Oracle speaks to students-Fiction!

The Second-Richest Man in the World Told Graduating Yale Students They Were Losers…and Undergraduates To Drop-outFiction!

Summary of eRumor:   
It is said that the CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison, was the graduation speaker for the class of 2,000 at Yale.  He told the graduates they were losers and destined for lackluster lives.  He told the undergraduates to drop out and be like him and Bill Gates…who were both drop-outs.  He got so insulting that he was eventually ushered off the platform before finishing his speech.

The Truth:

No such speech was given.  Ellison has not spoken for a Yale graduation.  The rumor is actually a fiction piece from a satire/humor website called “SatireWire.”

updated 07/22/10