Daisy the dog that saved nearly 1,000 people on 9/11-Fiction!

Daisy, the Guide Dog That Saved 967 People in the World Trade Center on September 11Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
The story of a golden retriever named Daisy that was the guide dog for James Crane, a blind worker in the World Trade Center in New York.  On the day of the terrorist attacks, James was 20 floors above where the jetliner hit and knew he wouldn’t make it, but he sent Daisy away.  A half hour later, however, Daisy returned and saved James, James’ boss, and 300 more people.  Daisy went back into the building and led 392 more survivors to safety.  Then returned to the building once more, but the building collapsed,  Daisy survived, but was injured, and carried to safety by a firefighter who said Daisy saved 273 more lives.  Daisy is to be honored by New York Mayor “Guilaini” by the Canine Medal of Honor.  The email claims to have been copied from the September 19, 2001 edition of the New York Times.

The Truth:

This is a hoax.  There are no reports of this outside of the eRumor, and no article about this appeared in the New York Times on any date.