Cockroaches found in the mouth of a woman who licked an envelope infestedwith roach eggs-Fiction!

The Woman Who Got Cockroaches In Her Mouth From Licking an Envelope-Fiction!

 Summary of eRumor::

A California woman who worked in a post office decided one day that she would lick some envelopes instead of using a moist sponge for that purpose.  In the process, she accidentally cut her tongue.
Later, she noticed a swelling in her tongue, but a doctor could not find anything wrong.  It finally got so bad that she was having trouble eating, so she want back to the doctor.  He did some tests, found a lump on her tongue, and did surgery.
During the surgery, he cut open the lump and a live cockroach crawled out.  It was determined that she got cockroach eggs in her tongue from the envelope that caused the cut and they incubated there.

The Truth:
This is a widely-reported urban legend.
There has never been a documented case of this happening.
Various versions of the false eRumor are circulated including one that describes people who got cockroach eggs into their salivary systems from infected taco meat at a fast food restaurant.
Posted 4/1/02