George W. Bush spent 30 minutes talking with a teen about God at a banquet-Fiction!

President-Elect George Bush Took Time From a Banquet to Help a Teen Become a ChristianFiction!

Summary of eRumor: 
The email is from shortly after the election of George W. Bush.  It says that President-elect Bush was at a thank-you banquet for his campaign staff when he met a woman and her teen-age son who identified herself as a Christian.  George Bush asked her son if he was a believer.  The boy said he didn’t think so.  George Bush then took 30 minutes to tell him about his own faith and to pray with him to become a Christian.

The Truth:

Mr. Bush is a professing Born-Again Christian (click here), but this story about leading a teenager to Christ at a campaign worker’s banquet is not true. has talked with several people associated with the Bush campaign, some of whom are Christians, and none of them knows of this story having happened.  Because of the time crunch that was caused by the drawn-out election results in Florida, there was no thank-you dinner in Austin for campaign workers.  We have been told that there was a reception to thank volunteers who worked in the campaign, but Governor Bush was not in attendance.