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Pictures of an F-15 jet coming apart during flight-Animation!

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Pictures of an F-15 jet coming apart during flight-Animation!

Truth or Fiction

Sequential Photos of an F-15 Breaking Up In The Air-Animation!

Summary of eRumor:
This is a series of pictures that are interwoven with captions that leaves the impression that they are actual photographs of an F-15 fighter jet coming apart in flight.
The Truth:
The images are from animation, not actual photographs, but they are based on a real story.
In November, 2007 an F-15C flown by the Missouri National Guard split behind the cockpit and broke apart during a training mission.  The pilot ejected and did survive, although he was injured.
All models of the F-15 were grounded until an an Air Force investigation into the crash concluded that there was a manufacturing defect in the airplane, which was built in the 1970s by McDonnell Douglas.
The animation was created as a part of the investigation into the crash.
Updated 2/24/08

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

Was it just a fluke that someone was taking pictures??????
Or is this why they were grounded.??
Amazing… no wires cables or other attachments seem to be evident between the cockpit and the fuselage???
Just Flying along, enjoying the ride….

Oh my, this is so much fun….it’s so great being a pilot.

Hmmm something feels different…..

Hey, why am I looking up…..??

Oops…my controls aren’t working???

Where’s my F-15…..??

Oh…there it is….

I think I’m having separation anxiety….

OK…I’m out here….but first the canopy has to go…

Glad that worked…..

That’s it….now I’m gone….

Can you imagine what was going through this poor pilot’s mind?
AND, just what caused the mid air break up…..