FBI Storm Worm Virus Warning-Truth!

Storm Worm Virus Warning from the FBI-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

An alert from the FBI that says there is a version of the Storm Worm virus circulating that falsely leads you to believe that the email about it is about the FBI and FaceBook.

The Truth:

The warning from the FBI is true as is the Storm virus.  This began circulating in July, 2008.

The FBI alert says that you may receive an email that talks about the FBI and the popular social networking site FaceBook.  The email may have the phrase “F.B.I. vs. facebook.”

The email asks you to click a link to learn more about the FBI and FaceBook—but if you do, your computer becomes infected with the Storm Worm virus.  The virus does not destroy your computer but does link it as part of a massive network of computers on the Internet that are then used for sending spam, spyware, or harvesting information from computers such as email addresses or financial information.

The Storm Worm virus was at the heart of a Valentine virus outbreak in 2007.

Updated 7/29/08