Frog in a pre-packaged salad-Unproven!

The Frog in the Salad-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:
The eRumor is accompanied by a picture of pre-packaged lettuce and asks you to look closely at the product.  Inside the bag amid the lettuce leaves is what appears to be a live green frog.  The packaging is in Spanish and the eRumor says it’s a bag of lettuce from Mexico.
The Truth:
The picture is one of a product distributed by the Florette Company.  It is located in Europe and does not distribute to North, Central, or South America but the packaging is in Spanish, so it may have been directed toward Spain.  The label says “Canonigos” then “Fresco, Lavado.”   Canonigos means “Lambs Lettuce” and the remaining words mean that it is fresh and washed. has contacted the Florette Company to ask about the frog, but so far has not received a response.
Stories about contaminated food need to be approached with caution because so many of them turn out to be hoaxes.   Some of the hoaxes are just for fun but others have been perpetrated by people hoping to file successful lawsuits against food companies and restaurants.
Still, there has been a surprising number of reports of frogs in salads.  If they are true, the theory is that the combination of moisture, vegetation, and the air in the package could sustain the life of a trapped frog.
An Associated Press story from June 7, 2006 tells of a woman in the Netherlands who says she found a live frog in her salad at a fast-food restaurant.  She was identified as 23-year-old Astrid Roek and claims she made the discovery at a Burger King in Amsterdam.
A Reuters report from May 4, 2004, tells of an airline passenger who was on a Quantus flight from Melbourne, Australia, to Wellington, New Zealand who found a life frog in her salad.
A telecast on WMAQ-TV in Chicago told of a woman in Arco Trento, Italy who opened a package of lettuce at home and a live frog hopped out.
Updated 9/11/06