Virus in an email that claims to be from the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission Says a Complaint Has Been Filed Against You-It’s a Virus!

Summary of eRumor:
An email claiming to be from the Federal Trade Commission that says a complaint has been filed against you.
The Truth:
This email is not from the Federal Trade Commission and if you click the links in it, you could be infected  with a virus.
A warning has been issued by the United Stated Federal Trade Commission (FTC) saying that the email is not from them.
The email says it is from “[email protected]” and includes the FTC’s official seal.
It claims that a complaint has been filed against you by a third party who feels that a business deal was not handled properly.
This is not the kind of virus that comes in an attachment that you click to activate.  Rather the email has links for you to click, for example if you feel the email or the complaint are invalid and clicking those links is what can activate the virus.  A statement from the FTC says the virus is the type that can monitor the activity on your computer and steal credit card numbers, passwords, etc.
A spokesperson for the agency says they’ve received large numbers of calls and emails about the virus and believe it is widespread.
This is one of the most successful types of virus infection in 2007. Instead of an email with an infected attachment, which could be blocked by anti-virus software, the email points you to links that accomplish the infection.
So the old admonition to avoid opening emails that have attachments is still solid advice—but needs to also include the suggestion to avoid clicking links in suspicious emails.
Updated 11/1/07