Gun Registration at Fort Campbell-Truth! but no longer policy!

Soldiers at Fort Campbell Army Base must register personal firearms –Truth! -But No Longer Policy!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email about a new directive from the commander of Fort Campbell Army Base in Kentucky mandating that all soldiers provide registration numbers, locations and permit information of their personal firearms to the chain of command.

The Truth:

A directive to register all personal firearms was issued to all hands at Fort Campbell Army Base, according to a March 21, 2009 World Net Daily article.  The directive was rescinded, when it was discovered that the base commander was not “acting within his authority.”

According to the article, “The original order was issued on the letterhead of Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment and said effective March 11, any soldier with a ‘privately owned weapon’ was required to submit the information, along with any information about any concealed carry permit the soldier may have, and what state issued the permit.”

The directive was in response to a number of privately owned weapons being negligently discharged on the base , according to Fort Campbell spokeswoman Cathy Gramling.    She said, “Their goal is to identify soldiers with firearms and provide additional safety training to them, much like our motorcycle and driver safety classes.” 

updated 05/07/09