Hand of God Sent Missile into Sea-Authorship Confirmed!

Hand of God Sent Missile into Sea-Authorship Confirmed!

Summary of eRumor:

News reports from Israel claim the hand of god sent a missile into the sea after the Iron Dome missile defense system failed to intercept and destroy it.

The Truth:
An Israel Defense Forces commander said he witnessed divine intervention while directing the Iron Curtain missile defense system on August 5, 2014, according to an article posted at Kooker.com, a Hebrew-language website.

The commander said the Hamas-fired rocket was headed for Tel Aviv when a strong, unexpected gust of wind pushed it out to sea — saving countless lives, according a translated version of the story published by Israel Today.

Israel Today also reported an account from Givati Infantry Brigade Col. Ofer Winter of a “mysterious fog” that covered his troops as they advanced on a Hamas stronghold earlier in the conflict. Winter claimed his men were saved by divine intervention after they were unable to carryout a planned nighttime raid.

Posted 08/12/14