American Aircraft Manufacturer Excluded From Bidding on Air Force Contract-Truth! & Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

Emails are circulating the Internet that says that the Obama Administration has excluded the American owned and operated Hawker Beechcraft aircraft manufacture from bidding on a contract for an Air Force contract.   Some versions say that this would leave the Brazilian Embraer manufacture as the likely winner in the bid process and allege that George Soros owns the Brazilian aircraft company.

The Truth:

The Wichita, Kansas based Hawker Beechcraft Company has filed a law suit over its rejection to bid on close to $1 Billion in aircraft business with the U.S. Air Force, according to a December 27, 2011 article in the Wichita Eagle.   Click for article.  

The article said that the Hawker Beechcraft Company filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) requesting a review of the exclusion. The GAO said that in “dismissing Hawker Beechcraft’s protest, the Air Force said the company missed a three-day deadline to file a request for a debriefing and a 10-day deadline to file a protest.” 

Supporters of Hawker Beechcraft argue that the company has competed for this contract in the bid process against the Brazilian based Embraer for a year.  Winning this bid could eventually supply 35 aircraft to the U.S.  Air Force, which could result in a revenue of $950 million and the preservation of 1,400 U.S. jobs.

Allegation of George Soros’ involvement with the Brazilian aircraft manufacture remains unproven.   An examination of the board of directors at Embraer showed no mention of Soros and a look at of the tycoon’s top international investments showed no direct dealings with Embraer.

updated 12/29/11

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

“Any president whose actions so consistently refute his own words must have deep contempt for the intelligence of the American public.”

The Obama administration told U.S. owned Hawker Beechcraft earlier this week they are being excluded from bidding on the US Air Force contract for a light attack aircraft. That leaves Brazilian owned Embraer as the likely recipient of the lucrative deal. I found this one hard to believe so I did a little research. It was tough because this was completely ignored by the main stream media. The information is out there on several conservative sites. Please see the two articles linked below.

This is a double slap in the face of the United States. At a time when jobs, the economy, and security are the most critical priorities for our country, the Obama administration decides to send a defense contract to a foreign owned company.

This has to be the stupidest thing this administration has done to date. This is not just a dumb decision, it is a perfect example of why this president is such a poor leader. He talks about wanting jobs. He says we need to force companies to repatriate billions of dollars that Americans keep overseas. He wants to raise taxes so he can spend billions on stimulus that does nothing to stimulate anything.

And when it’s time to act, he sends our tax dollars overseas at the expense of American jobs and income for an American company. This is nothing more than a Chicago-style political pay back; but this time it is at the expense of our national security.

How much more damage will obama be allowed to do in the next 14 months? One of the lead stories in the media this week blasted congress for insider trading. If this contract goes to Embraer it will be a huge pay off to another George Soros company.

When will the 4th estate do it’s constitutionally protected job and expose the real obama to the American people?

Article from REDSTATE Posted by Ben Howe Monday, November 21st at 6:00AM EST:

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Hawker-Beechcraft Denied Big Air Force Contract in Favor of Brazilian Company With Soros Connections

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