Eric Holder Funded Ferguson Riots-Fiction!

Eric Holder Funded Ferguson Riots-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Reports have gone viral that a gang leader from Ferguson, Missouri, claimed Attorney General Eric Holder paid citizens to riot in August 2014 following the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The Truth:

This was a satirical report that first appeared on the National Report’s website in August 2014, and it was quickly shared more than 100,000 times by Facebook users.

The report alleged that a gang leader who was arrested after a night of mass looting came forward with the allegations against Holder in exchange for a reduced sentence.

According to the satirical report: “Allegedly, Holder’s goal behind pouring the proverbial gasoline on an already volatile scene is to test militarized police response in a martial law scenario. It is also suspected that the riots have been started as the latest in distractions from the diabolical duo of Obama and Holder. This isn’t the first time they have created a media bait-and-switch to cover up any of their numerous crimes and blunders.”

The report also claims that Judge Rineheart of the 22nd Circuit Court in St. Louis was presiding over the case. A quick view of the St. Louis Circuit Court website, however, reveals that “Judge Rineheart” doesn’t exist.

Posted 08//27/14  Updated 09/24/14