The young man who raffled a dead donkey and grew up to be the chairman of Enron-Fiction!

The Young Boy Who Raffled a Dead Donkey and Grew Up to Be the Chairman of EnronFiction!



Summary of eRumor:

The story of a boy who sold raffle tickets to sell a donkey that was actually dead.  He was later asked how he pulled it off.  He sad that he sold 500 tickets at $2 each but that the only person who found out that the donkey was dead was the winner, whom he refunded his $2.  The boy then went on to become Kenneth Lay, the chairman of Enron.

The Truth:

The story of selling chances on a dead donkey is an often-told joke.  There’s no evidence that it was about Enron founder, Chairman, and CEO Kenneth Lay who resigned his position in the midst of bankruptcy and the threat of a congressional investigation.