Hugh Downs Calls Obama a "Flake" -Fiction!

Hugh Downs Calls Obama a Flake- Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

An eRumor claimed to have been written by TV host Hugh Downs saying that Obama will lose the 2008 Presidential election and that he is a flake.

The Truth:

Hugh Downs did not write this. 

American Thinker magazine author and contributor J. R. Dunn published the story “The Odd Choices in Barack Obama’s Career” on August 20, 2008.   This eRumor is circulating by another title, “Obama will Lose”.    Mr. Dunn stated his reasons why he did not believe the Senator would win the election, calling the Senator a “flake” and defined it as “a fool with energy.”

CLICK here for the American Thinker “The odd choices in Barack Obama’s career” by J. R. Dunn

posted 09/10/08