Legislation to end visas for all Iranian students-Fiction!

Proposed Legislation in Washington Would End Student Visas for Iranian StudentsNot Completely!

Summary of eRumor:

This email asks readers to go to a website where they can sign an on-line petition about new legislation on Capitol Hill, which, according to the email, “targets Iranians.”  The writer says a new bill to be introduced by Senator Diane Feinstein would ban student visas for Iranians.

The Truth:
It is true that Senators Diane Feinstein (D-California) and John Kyle (R-Arizona) are proposing legislation that they say would close some of the loopholes that may allow terrorists to enter the United States.
This eRumor, however, leaves the impression that it singles out Iranians and completely bans Iranian student visas.
One of the provisions Feinstein and Kyle want is a ban on student visas from several nations that are regarded as sponsoring terrorism, not just Iran.  The other nations are Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Cuba and North Korea.  Not only is the legislation not specifically targeted at Iran, but it does not completely end the opportunity for student visas.  According to Senator Feinstein’s website, “…the Secretary of State could waive the ban if the student passes an extensive background check and the Secretary certifies that the student would not pose a threat to national security.”  Feinstein says they do not want to end education opportunities for the students, but to enact laws that would ensure that terrorists are being distinguished from legitimate students.
To visit the website offering the petition against the legislation, CLICK HERE
To visit Senator Feinstein’s website, CLICK HERE
updated 11/11/01