Use a steam iron on anthrax-Not Recommended!

Using a Steam Iron on Suspicious Letters Could Kill AnthraxTruth! But Not Recommended!



Summary of eRumor:
A way to kill anthrax that comes in the mail:  iron it with a steam iron.  This email says bioterrorism expert Ken Alibek made that recommendation during a congressional hearing.  He said that hot, moist steam ironed through a moist layer of fabric could kill anthrax spores.

The Truth:

Dr. Ken Alibek is acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on not only bioterrorism, but on anthrax.  He was the head of the Soviet Union’s offensive biological weapons program before defecting to the United States and is now a private consultant on biological weapons defense.  According to Reuters News Service, he was participating in a briefing for members of Congress during the third week in October when he said that hot, moist heat could kill anthrax spores.  “If you are scared, just iron this letter,” he told lawmakers. “After that, they become harmless.”

In an AP article from October 19, Arthur Trapotsis, a scientist from Boston, said “Anthrax is easy to kill.”  His company makes steam sterilizers, one of the options that companies are considering to try to eliminate anthrax that could come through the mail.

While there is agreement that steam can kill anthrax spores, there is not agreement about relying on a steam iron to do it.

The 10/19 AP story says that other experts estimate that in order for the ironing of an envelope to be effective, it would have to be done continuously for 20 minutes.  Dr. John Clements of Tulane University in New Orleans told ABC News “Steam irons are not going to get you where you need to be.”  There is also concern over the fact that there are different kinds of envelopes made from different substances.  Would all of them allow the steam to affect their contents?