Is This a Photo of Nancy Pelosi and George Soros’s Son?

In January 2019, a Facebook user shared the following image, purportedly showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi alongside George Soros’s son:


The title and text surrounding the image, which is apparently a screenshot of an October 2018 blog post, claimed in usual agitprop style that the photograph is evidence that the Democratic Party is secretly conspiring against the United States using, of all things, immigrants already in the country and hopeful asylum-seekers at the border to somehow threaten American sovereignty:

What’s This? Just Nancy Pelosi With George Soros’s Son Last Month Wearing A ‘DACA Dreamers’ Hat. – Tuesday, October 23 22:18

Anyone out there still think this whole ‘Human Caravan’ thing wasn’t a coordinated attack against U.S. sovereignty aided and abetted by the Democrat Party and the Soros open borders machine?

However, the basic question presented by the share was regarding the image. Did it really show the son of George Soros with Nancy Pelosi? According to Alexander Soros’s verified Instagram account (to which this was shared in September 2018), the photo does indeed document his meeting Pelosi:


Soros (@alexsoros) captioned the image:

Certainly no better #womancrushwednesday than the woman who’s working tirelessly to keep the American dream alive and will start crushing it even more in November. Was great to see her the other day.

#bluewave #wcw #dreamers

The photograph of George Soros’ son Alex Soros and Nancy Pelosi was genuine and unaltered, and the younger Soros indeed sported a “DACA dreamers” hat. However, it’s worth noting that ancillary claims made in the screenshot were nonsensical — the referenced caravan is unrelated to DACA or recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival status.

Caravan participants travel to the southern border of the United States to turn themselves in en masse to request asylum, whereas the latter group (sometimes called Dreamers, after the DREAM Act) emigrated to the United States as very small children and are eligible for protection from certain immigration-related actions.

It’s also worth noting that George Soros, a very wealthy Jewish immigrant philanthropist whose foundation supports pro-democracy causes, is a figure frequently invoked and smeared by the far right, which seems to equally hate and fear him. The disinformation and conspiracy theories disseminated about him are widely considered to be antisemitic dog whistles.