More Christian persecution in Uzbekistan when Clinton was president?-Unproven!

More Persecution in Uzbekistan Under Clinton than Bush?-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

An email sent by a pastor about an experience he had at a pastor’s conference.
He quotes a pastor from Uzbekistan (formerly the Soviet Union) who said that Christians were persecuted worse when Bill Clinton was president than while George W. Bush has been president. 
The pastor says that the Christians of Uzbekistan are praying for Bush to be reelected.

The Truth:

The email was written by Pastor James Lair of the Church of the Living Christ in Ojai, California.
He says it’s authentic and just as he wrote it, but that he sent it to only a handful of friends and has been amazed at how much it has circulated on the Internet.
It was the result of a pastor’s conference he attended in March of 2004.

We’re checking to see if other Christians in Uzbekistan would echo the pastor’s statements.