The Controversy of Juval Aviv- Truth! and Unproven!

Former Israeli Counter Terrorist Agent warned Bush of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack-Unproven!

Former Israeli Counter Terrorist Agent Offers Tips Incase of a Terrorist Attack-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email about a former Israeli counter terrorism intelligence officer named, Juval Aviv.  The email says that he was one of the Israeli Agents who took part in the hunting and termination of the terrorist who held Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.  The email also says that Aviv has predicted a future terrorist attack in the United States and at a security conference gave helpful tips on how to prepare for such an event.   The email also say that he warned the Bush Administration of the possibility of terrorists using planes to target tall buildings one month prior to the attack of the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

The Truth:
Juval Aviv is a noted author and speaker on terrorism and security matters who immigrated to the United States from Israel.   Aviv investigated the 1988 Lockerbie crash of flight 103 for PanAm airlines and is the founder of the New York based security consulting company, Interfor.

Aviv tours as a speaker and has had made guest appearances on various networks and has also worked as a special consultant on issues of terrorism and security, according to his bio on an article of security tips which he wrote for the Fox News web site.  It is not known if he warned the Bush administration about the impending attack on the New York World Trade Center and Pentagon.

His press biography says that he served in the Israeli Defense Force and held the rank of major but the security consultant remains elusive in revealing the exact nature of his work.

A recent Steven Spielberg motion picture based on Israel’s retaliation for the death of Israeli athletes held hostage during the Olympics in Munich in 1972 called “Munich” re-enacts Operation Wrath of God.  The film’s central character named Avner played by actor by Eric Bana is thought to be in real life Juval Aviv.

In a July 16 2006 UK Independent article, Aviv was asked if the character of Avner was base on him and his role in Operation Wrath of God.  Aviv’s reply was, “I can’t tell you that I am Avner,”  and he went on to say, “There is no statute of limitations for those events. But I think the film is very accurate. It’s a true account of the inner workings, the issues the agents had during the operations.”

It is true that Aviv has had various interviews on news programs, speaks at various conferences and forums offering tips to educate the public on awareness in this subject.

An international security conference was held in April of 2008 in New York hosted by the New York chapter of the AISIS Organization.  Although it is not certain that Juval Aviv gave a presentation at this conference an article was published by Don Aviv of Interfor, Inc, called “Terrorism Vulnerability Assessments (TVAs):Statistical vs. ‘Real-World’ Models.” The article discusses the current terrorist threat situation and offers low cost anti terrorist tips for corporations.  Click for article

The Department of Homeland Security put up a Ready.Gov web site with resources to equip citizens with planning tools in the event of a disaster or attack which are pretty much in alignment to the emergency plan that Juval Aviv outlined.   Click for Ready.Gov website.

updated 02/04/08