Former Israeli Counter Terrorist Agent warned Bush of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack-Unproven!

Former Israeli Counter Terrorist Agent Offers Tips Incase of a Terrorist Attack-Truth!


Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email about a former Israeli counter terrorism intelligence officer named, Juval Aviv.  The email says that he was one of the Israeli Agents who took part in the hunting and termination of the terrorist who held Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.  The email also says that Aviv has predicted a future terrorist attack in the United States and at a security conference gave helpful tips on how to prepare for such an event.   The email also say that he warned the Bush Administration of the possibility of terrorists using planes to target tall buildings one month prior to the attack of the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.


The Truth:

Juval Aviv is a noted author and speaker on terrorism and security matters who immigrated to the United States from Israel.   Aviv investigated the 1988 Lockerbie crash of flight 103 for PanAm airlines and is the founder of the New York based security consulting company, Interfor.

Aviv tours as a speaker and has had made guest appearances on various networks and has also worked as a special consultant on issues of terrorism and security, according to his bio on an article of security tips which he wrote for the Fox News web site.  It is not known if he warned the Bush administration about the impending attack on the New York World Trade Center and Pentagon.

His press biography says that he served in the Israeli Defense Force and held the rank of major but the security consultant remains elusive in revealing the exact nature of his work.

A recent Steven Spielberg motion picture based on Israel’s retaliation for the death of Israeli athletes held hostage during the Olympics in Munich in 1972 called “Munich” re-enacts Operation Wrath of God.  The film’s central character named Avner played by actor by Eric Bana is thought to be in real life Juval Aviv.

In a July 16 2006 UK Independent article, Aviv was asked if the character of Avner was base on him and his role in Operation Wrath of God.  Aviv’s reply was, “I can’t tell you that I am Avner,”  and he went on to say, “There is no statute of limitations for those events. But I think the film is very accurate. It’s a true account of the inner workings, the issues the agents had during the operations.”

It is true that Aviv has had various interviews on news programs, speaks at various conferences and forums offering tips to educate the public on awareness in this subject.

An international security conference was held in April of 2008 in New York hosted by the New York chapter of the AISIS Organization.  Although it is not certain that Juval Aviv gave a presentation at this conference an article was published by Don Aviv of Interfor, Inc, called “Terrorism Vulnerability Assessments (TVAs):Statistical vs. ‘Real-World’ Models.” The article discusses the current terrorist threat situation and offers low cost anti terrorist tips for corporations.  Click for article

The Department of Homeland Security put up a Ready.Gov web site with resources to equip citizens with planning tools in the event of a disaster or attack which are pretty much in alignment to the emergency plan that Juval Aviv outlined.   Click for Ready.Gov website.

updated 02/04/08

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:


This is an eye opening bit of info…..scary though…

Juval Aviv was the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie ‘ Munich ‘ was based. He was Golda Meir’s bodyguard — she appointed him to track down and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.

In a lecture in New York City a few weeks ago, he shared information that EVERY American needs to know — but that our government has not yet shared with us.

He predicted the London subway bombing on the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News stating publicly that it would happen within a week. At the time, O’Reilly laughed and mocked him saying that in a week he wanted him back on the show. But, unfortunately, within a week the terrorist attack had occurred.

Juval Aviv gave intelligence (via what he had gathered in Israel and the Middle East ) to the Bush Administration about 9/11 a month before it occurred. His report specifically said they would use planes as bombs and target high profile buildings and monuments. Congress has since hired him as a security consultant.

Now for his future predictions. He predicts the next terrorist attack on the U.S. will occur within the next few months.

Forget hijacking airplanes, because he says terrorists will NEVER try and hijack a plane again as they know the people onboard will never go down quietly again. Aviv believes our airport security is a joke — that we have been reactionary rather than proactive in developing strategies that are truly effective.

For example:
1) Our airport technology is outdated. We look for metal, and the new explosives are made of plastic.

2) He talked about how some idiot tried to light his shoe on fire. Because of that, now everyone has to take off their shoes. A group of idiots tried to bring aboard liquid explosives. Now we can’t bring liquids on board. He says he’s waiting for some suicidal maniac to pour liquid explosive on his underwear; at which point, security will have us all traveling naked! Every strategy we have is ‘reactionary.’

3) We only focus on security when people are heading to the gates.

Aviv says that if a terrorist attack targets airports in the future, they will target busy times on the front end of the airport when/where people are checking in. It would be easy for someone to take two suitcases of explosives, walk up to a busy check-in line, ask a person next to them to watch their bags for a minute while they run to the restroom or get a drink, and then detonate the bags BEFORE security even gets involved. In Israel , security checks bags BEFORE people can even ENTER the airport.

Aviv says the next terrorist attack here in America is imminent and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places where large groups of people congregate. (I. E., Disneyland, Las Vegas casinos, big cities (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc.) and that it will also include shopping malls, subways in rush hour, train stations, etc., as well as rural America this time (Wyoming, Montana, etc.).

The attack will be characterized by simultaneous detonations around the country (terrorists like big impact), involving at least 5-8 cities, including rural areas.

Aviv says terrorists won’t need to use suicide bombers in many of the larger cities, because at places like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas , they can simply valet park a car loaded with explosives and walk away.

Aviv says all of the above is well known in intelligence circles, but that our U. S. Government does not want to ‘alarm American citizens’ with the facts.

The world is quickly going to become ‘a different place’, and issues like ‘global warming’ and political correctness will become totally irrelevant.

On an encouraging note, he says that Americans don’t have to be concerned about being nuked. Aviv says the terrorists who want to destroy America will not use sophisticated weapons. They like to use suicide as a front-line approach. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s effective; and they have an infinite abundance of young militants more than willing to ‘meet their destiny’.

He also says the next level of terrorists, over which America should be most concerned, will not be coming from abroad. But will be, instead, ‘homegrown’ — having attended and been educated in our own schools and universities right here in the U. S. He says to look for ‘students’ who frequently travel back and forth to the Middle East . These young terrorists will be most dangerous because they will know our language and will fully understand the habits of Americans; but that we Americans won’t know/understand a thing about them.

Aviv says that, as a people, Americans are unaware and uneducated about the terroristic threats we will, inevitably, face. America still has only have a handful of Arabic and Farsi speaking people in our intelligence networks, and Aviv says it is critical that we change that fact SOON.

So, what can America do to protect itself?

From an intelligence perspective, Aviv says the U.S. needs to stop relying on satellites and technology for intelligence. We need to, instead, follow Israel ‘s, Ireland ‘s and England ‘s hands-on examples of human intelligence, both from an infiltration perspective as well as to trust ‘aware’ citizens to help. We need to engage and educate ourselves as citizens; however, our U. S. government continues to treat us, its citizens, ‘like babies’. Our government thinks we ‘can’t handle the truth’ and are concerned that we’ll panic if we understand the realities of terrorism. Aviv says this is a deadly mistake.

Aviv recently created/executed a security test for our Congress, by placing an empty briefcase in five well-traveled spots in five major cities. The results? Not one person called 911 or sought a policeman to check it out. In fact, in Chicago , someone tried to steal the briefcase!

Aviv also was concerned about the high number of children here in America who were in preschool and kindergarten after 9/11, who were ‘lost’ without parents being able to pick them up, and about ours schools that had no plan in place to best care for the students until parents could get there. (In New York City , this was days, in some cases!)

Does your family know what to do if you can’t contact one another by phone? Where would you gather in an emergency? He says we should all have a plan that is easy enough for even our youngest children to remember and follow.

How will you communicate with your loved ones in the event you cannot speak? You need to have a plan..