The Cat That Dropped Out of Heaven-Unproven!

The Cat That Dropped Out of HeavenUnproven!

Summary of eRumor:

A story of a pastor who, in trying to rescue a kitten from a tree, ended up launching it into the air and out of sight.
He later ran into one of his church members in the grocery store, a woman who was known to hate cats but who had cat food in her shopping cart.
She explained that her daughter wanted a cat very badly so she told her that if God gave her one, she would let her keep it.
The girl reportedly went out into the yard, got onto her knees, prayed for a cat, and the kitten dropped out of the sky right in front of her.

The Truth:

We’ve seen this one from time to time and have never found any substantiation for it.

Last updated 2/7/05