Kosher slaughter of animals banned in Holland-Fiction!

Kosher Slaughter of Animals Banned in HollandFiction!



Summary of eRumor:

What appears to be an article says that the government of Holland has banned Kosher slaughter..  According to the article, the government considered the kosher slaughter of cows “cruelty” to animals.  A rabbi likened the action to the banning of kosher slaughter in Germany by Hitler as one of the first acts against the Jews.

The Truth:

The government of the Netherlands says it has never banned ritual slaughter of animals.  In a letter from the Office of the Agricultural Counselor of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC on December 5, 2002 to the Boycott Watch group, the government said that under law, animals have to be under anesthesia for slaughter.  Exceptions are made for methods such as those used under Jewish or Moslem law.  The letter says that there was a problem, however, with some older, heavier animals not dying immediately so the slaughter of older animals was temporarily suspended until a solution was worked out with Jewish leaders.  Slaughter of younger animals was not affected.

Last updated 1/1/03