London is a Target for terrorism on October 22, 2001-Fiction!

London is a Target for Terrorism on October 22Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A story from London about a girl who found a wallet on the ground.  She opened it, saw the picture of the owner, and ran ahead to try to find him.  He was of “Middle Eastern appearance.”  She found him in the crowd and returned his wallet, which had quite a bit of money inside.  The man was surprised that it had been returned by an honest person and gave her a tip:  Don’t be in London in 3 weeks’ time.  He said that was the biggest tip anyone would ever give her.  She went to the police, described the man and remembered his name, and found out he was a terrorist.  So, a whole bunch of people are getting out of London because of the belief that something may happen on October 22, 2001.

The Truth:

There is no independent confirmation of anything in this story.  

A spokesperson for the FBI in Washington D.C. says there is no evidence of this story.

One further note and that is that this “terrorist being compassionate to someone who helped him” pattern is a common urban legend.