Proving property title back to its origins?-Fiction!

The Louisiana Lawyer Who Was Asked to Prove Title on a Piece of Property “back to its origin.”Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The story goes that a Louisiana resident wanted to get an FHA loan and offered a piece of property as collateral. 
The title to the collateral property dated back to 1803.
The resident hired a lawyer to help get the loan but was told that he would have to clear the title on the property “back to its origin.”
The lawyer then wrote to the FHA to say that the title to the property was back as far as it could go because that was the year of the Louisiana Purchase when the U.S. bought the territory from France.

The Truth:

This is a “we really embarrassed the government” story, but it’s not true.
It has circulated around the Internet for quite a while.
There is no substantiation to the details and the story is written unconvincingly.
One does not normally hire a lawyer to get a home loan and the property being purchased is usually the collateral for the loan, not a different parcel.

Last updated 12/28/04