USMC Base Bans Anti-Islamic Decals-Truth!

Marine Base Bans Anti-Islamic Decals On Cars-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
A forwarded email of a news story about a law suit filed by a 25 year Marine Veteran, Jesse Nieto, who lost his youngest son in the USS Cole incident in 2000.   Nieto was issued a citation for his car being decorated with

2 decals saying “Islam = Terrorism” and “We Died, They Rejoiced” and his car is now banned from federal property until the decals are removed.  The lawsuit is because he feels his Constitutional rights were violated.

The Truth:
This is true according to several news articles and a report on WNCT TV in North Carolina.

Jesses Nieto is a 25 year United States Marine Veteran who served two tours of duty during the Viet Nam war and his youngest son, Marc, lost his life in the line of duty during the bombing of USS Cole in 2000. Nieto works on the military base at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina and according to the reports , Nieto put two decals on his car after the death of his son. They say “Islam = Terrorism” and “We Died, They Rejoiced.” His vehicle also has a custom plate that says “USS-COLE.”
WNCT interviewed Major Nat Fahy with Camp Lejeune regarding the incident and his reply was, “We’re not discriminating against him we are just discriminating against the decals he has on his car which were offensive to the Islamic religion.” The WNCT report went on to say Camp Lejeune base order states that “owners are prohibited from displaying extremist, indecent, sexists or racists messages on their motor vehicles in any format.”
Major Fahy told WNCT that this was in response to a number of complaints received at the Equal Employment Opportunity office.  Nieto was issued two citations by military police officers and ordered to remove decals from his vehicle. After he refused to to do so the officials removed his base permit decal from his vehicle. Nieto continues to work on the base, according to the report, but drives another car in to work.
Nieto and his attorney, Robert Muise have filed a suit claiming this is to be a violation of the Constitutional right of freedom of speech, citing that other vehicles with questionable bumper stickers are still being permitted on the base.
Click here for the WNCT report
updated 11/19/08