Confrontation between a French Army officer and a U.S. Marine in Bosnia-Unproven!

Sparring Between a U.S. Marine and a French Army Officer in Bosnia-Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:

An alleged first-hand account of a confrontation between a U.S. Marine and a French Army officer in a PX in Bosnia.  The two soldiers exchange views and insults about France and the USA ’til the U.S. Marine offers to step outside and settle things between the two of them.
The French officer issues a final insult and walks away.
The story is capped by the fact that the episode involved a female Marine officer.

The Truth:

It’s a great story, which is why it’s being circulated, but there is no evidence that it is true.
Also, Camp Bondsteel is in Kosovo, not Bosnia.

Last updated 3/11/04