Fancy paint job on American helicopter in Afghanistan?-Fiction!

American Helicopter Painted Like a Bird of Prey Operating in Afghanistan-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Pictures of a military combat helicopter are circulated with a message that says “our boys” across the water painted it to look like a bird of prey.  The message says it’s operating in Afghanistan and is “no doubt causing quite a stir.”
The Truth:

The pictures are not of an American helicopter, but of a Russian MI-24 “Hind” assault helicopter.  It was used extensively by the Soviets in Afghanistan but this paint-job does not appear to be for combat.  We suspect it is for purposes of promotion or public performance.  There are some pictures of it on display at an air show at Szentkirályszabadja, Hungary.  Whether there are others like it, we don’t know, the only pictures of this paint scheme are all on the same helicopter designated number 117.