Microwaved Water Kills Plants-Fiction!

Microwaved Water Kills Plants-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A viral email claims that an experiment at a science fair proved that water that has been heated with a microwave oven kills plants. The eRumor also alleged that eating microwaved foods leads to brain damage and other serious health conditions.

The Truth:

The TruthorFiction.com team found no scientific proof that microwaved food and water are hazardous to humans or plant life.

The eRumor’s claim that microwave cooking reduces the nutritional value of foods more than conventional cooking is also false. Food cooked in microwaves actually retains more vitamins and minerals because microwaves cook food in less time and without added water, according to the FDA.

The FDA also hasn’t found any links to microwaved food creating health hazards. The agency is, however, studying the possibility that low-level radiation emitted from microwaves could affect those who stand nearby while they’re in use.

The TruthorFiction.com Team contacted the England-based Association for Research Ethics, which sometimes uses the acronym “A.R.E.C.” that is found on the warning that was allegedly authored by William P. Kopp.

We are waiting for a response, and updates will be posted here.

Posted 05/01/14