Some Motel 6 Will Only Rent Rooms To Those 21 and Over-Truth!

Some Motel 6 Will Only Rent Rooms To Those 21 and Over-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

Posts and letters from angry parents have gone viral on the Internet alleging that Motel 6 refused rooms to their sons who are in the military.

The Truth: called Motel 6 and a spokesperson told us that the company would never turn away a customer because he or she was a member of the military. Depending on state, municipal laws, or the policies of a particular Motel 6 establishment, customers who are under the age of 21 may be turned away. 

The Motel 6 in Atlanta Ga. stated on its reservation page that they will only rent rooms to customers over the age of 21.

Another call to surrounding hotels revealed that different establishments had different age policies.  The Drury Inn, down the street from the Atlanta Motel 6 offered rooms to customers who are 18 years old and older. We called a Holiday Inn further down the street, who told us that they had a 21 and over policy. 

The Motel 6 spokesperson did tell us that they offer discounts to Military members.  Click here for information on the discount policy for military members.


Posted 03/31/14   Updated 04/07/14